Florida Adoption Application


Email: Adoption@shepherdhelp.org
Adoption Line: 844-847-1250
Fax: 904-701-6292

SHARE only places our rescue dogs in homes where the children are at least 5 years of age. There are multiple reasons for this policy. We feel that this policy is best for everybody involved to take the dog and family’s safety into account. Thank you for your consideration.

The following information is requested so that we can assist you in the selection of a new pet. This form and an initial visit with a designated representative of Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort are designed to help you find the dog most compatible with your lifestyle.

In order to be considered as an adopter you must:

  • Be 25 years of age or older.
  • Have identification showing your present address.
  • Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord, if applicable.
  • Must be willing to have a volunteer do a home visit.
  • Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment, and proper care for a pet. We will call your vet for a reference check.
  • Meet and greet required with all family members and resident pets.
  • In-State adoptions that do not reside in south Florida, must be willing to drive to us for the meet and greet.
  • Out-of-State adoptions are on a case by case basis. If you have no pets in the home and are willing to pay transport or drive, we can consider it. If you have (multiple) pets in the home, we can't take the risk of sending a dog hundreds of miles a way should the adoption not work out.
  •  We will do an adoption follow up call and we do love to get pictures!

***Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption of one of our rescue dogs.***

Thank you!

Would this be your first dog?*Yes   No   
Dog(s) you are applying for (list primary first):
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Please list the names and ages of everyone in your household, including yourself:
Is everyone in your home aware and in agreement about bringing home a new dog?*Yes   No   
Are you ready to bring a new dog into your home now?*Yes   No   
If no, then list when you will be ready:
Please list all animals currently living within your home (include age, gender, breed, and special needs):*
If you do not have small children living in your home, will the dog come into regular contact with any children under the age of 10?*Yes   No   
If yes, how often and what ages?
Which do you live in?*Home   
Mobile Home   
Do you own or rent your home?*Own   Rent   
If you rent, has your landlord provided permission for you to have a dog? (we may require written permission from your landlord):Yes   No   
Please provide your landlord's name and phone number:
How long have you lived at your current residence:*
Does your home have a fenced yard?*Yes   No   
If yes, type of fence and height
Does Your home owners association allow German Shepherd Dogs?*Yes   No   
Do you have a dog door?*Yes   No   
Do you have a pool?*Yes   No   
If yes, is there a fence around the pool?Yes   No   
Do you anticipate a move or any major changes to your household in the next 10 years (including new children, or anyone leaving the household)? If yes, explain:*
Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter, sold or given away an animal?*Yes   No   
If yes, please explain:
Are all pets currently in your home altered?*Yes   No   
Are all pets currently in your home up to date with vaccinations?*Yes   No   
How many hours per day will your dog be alone (without humans) on a regular basis?*
Who will care for, train and exercise the Rescue dog?*
Will the dog have the free run of the house?*Yes   No   
Where will the dog be when you are not home?*
Are you familiar with crate training and will you be using a crate for your dog?*Yes   No   
Will the dog be kept on a runner or tied outside?*Yes   No   
Will the dog be kept in a fenced yard alone when not monitored?*Yes   No   
If yes, how long per day?
Will the dog spend anytime in the garage?*Yes   No   
If yes, then how long per day and why?
What will you do with your dog if you need to be away from home overnight?*
Are you willing and able to care for your dog for the remainder of its life and understand the costs of maintaining a dog can sometimes add up to $1000 or more a year*Yes   No   
It is strongly recommended that to build a bond with your new dog and establish the ground rules in your family that you enroll in a positive obedience class after your dog has settled into your home. Will your dog receive formal obedience training?*Yes   No   
What formal house rules would you like us to introduce to this dog should you be approved for adoption?*
Are you familiar with micro-chipping and will you be utilizing this and keeping it actively registered?*Yes   No   
If/When you move, what will you do with your dog (and/or other pets)?*
What provisions will you make for the dog should you become unable to care for it?*
What is your experience with this particular breed and experience with dogs in general?*
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
Who is your current or most recent veterinarian?
Veterinarian Phone Number:
Did anyone refer you to us?*Yes   No   
If yes, tell us their name and phone number
May we visit your home prior to application approval?*Yes   No   
If no, please explain why not
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Please allow coordinators a few days to review applications. If you do not hear from a representative within 3 days, please send a follow up email or call the Adoption Line to ensure your application has been received.

Thank you for considering adoption!