Florida Volunteer Application

Welcome to the Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort Volunteer Program

SHARE your heart with a Shepherd

Co-Founders Elissa Powers and Cathy Matuella
Fax: 904-701-6292

Areas of Interest:
Select all voluteer work that you maybe interested in doing. *Fostering a Dog  
Transport Dogs (vet appt., events) 
Volunteer at Adoption Events 
Dog Walking 
Social Media  
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Skills and Experience:
Please list the names and ages of everyone in your household*
Please list all animals currently living within your home (include age, Gender, Breed and special needs)*
Do your current pets get along with other dogs?*Yes   No   NA   
Which do you live in?*Home 
Mobile Home  
Do you own or rent your home?*Own   Rent   
If you rent, has your landlord provided permission for you to have a dog? (We may require written permission from your landlord)Yes   No   
Please provide your landlord's name and phone number
Does your home have a fenced yard?*Yes   No   NA   
If yes, type of fence and height
Do you have a place to isolate a pet if necessary?Yes   No   
What size of pet are you willing to foster? 0 - 20 lbs 
 21 - 40 lbs  
41 - 60 lbs  
 61 lbs and up  
Do you have any other foster pet preferences or restrictions?
How many foster pets are you willing to take at once?
Is there anything additional we need to know about your current pets?
Are all of your animals current on their vaccinations?Yes   No   NA   
Do your dogs have the Bordatella vaccine?Yes   No   NA   
Are they on heartworm prevention?Yes   No   NA   
Are they on Flea/Tick prevention?Yes   No   NA   
Have you had any formal education/training in pet care or animal welfare?*Yes   No   
Type of education / training
Do you volunteer with any other animal welfare organizations?*Yes   No   
If yes, how do you participate?
Have you done any other volunteer work?*Yes   No   
Type of work performed
Do you have any other skills or abilities that would be of assisstance to our rescue?
Do you currently have a veterinarian*Yes   No   
Who is your current or last veterinarian?
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